Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 2 letter!

HELLO HELLO!!!!!!! Wow it is amazing how fast this week has gone! All the Elders say that after your first Sunday, time will just FLY! And behold, they were right, this week was so incredibly fast.. the days were long but the week was so fast.. its kinda hard to explain but i guess just take my word for it.. haha.. To start off, i will give a quick Toe update haha.. so i have this wicked awesome cast on for exactly another week so not too bad.. the thing is, if my toe is not proplerly healed by then, i have to have SURGERY! The ligament on the inside of my big toe pulled off a piece of bone so there is just a big ole piece of bone chilling next to my toe. haha.. That is why i am wearing this huge boot so the bone will hopefully re connect.. so lets hope that does not happen because that would be bad.. So, there have been so many great things that have happened this week! Our district recieved our new teacher this week.. his name is Hermano Cowells.. He ironically went to Chile on his mission as well so he has been teaching my companion, elder roach, and i a bunch of Chilean Slang.. Bakan means cool.. Fome means lame and there are some other cool ones that i will definitely be busting out in this MTC extravaganza.. Our other teacher is Hermana Murillo.. She is a great teacher and we all have so much fun in class.. Funny story.. so Elder Millet is quite a character.. during lunch, i kept on bringing food over to our table to eat right.. along with this food, i would bring a couple glasses of juice.. So elder millet decides that every time i bring a glass over, he would just take it right away and gulp them down as fast as he could, just a a joke.. so i would go and get a couple more glasses, then three more, then three more! he ended up drinking like 12 glasses of juice!!! hahaha.. lets just say that he was not feeling so good after that haha.. I have been trying to find creative ways to use my gym time with my new five pound friend on my left foot.. i have usually just passed the ultimate frisbee with another elder that broke his foot that is going to Argentina.. I must say, we are getting pretty amazing at throwing those frisbees haha.. On Friday, we had the great opportunity to go to the new mission president fireside.. Dallin H Oaks spoke and it was so Good! He has such a great spirit about him.. I feel like i have grown so much in teaching lessons.. Elder Paulsen and i are on a roll! We actually taught our first lesson in Spanish a couple of days ago.. Obviously it was not perfect but we got through it and it ended up being a half hour.. the essentials were definitely there: the Spirit, the doctrine, the questions, the teaching, and the committment.. Elder Paulsen and I have had some other great teaching experiences as well.. We had the opportunity of going to the TEC.. this is where the mtc teachers can go and act as investigators.. so Elder Paulsen and i went and taught Morgan Ahrens.. the lesson went SO good.. it was the first time i really felt like we were teaching with the spirit.. after we were done he gave us some Great pointers to improve! i'm just learning so much haha! Cool experience: so i was at the RC (referral center).. this is where we call investigators to the church about orders that they made for some church materials.. we just call them and confirm their orders, then invite them to have the missionaries come over to give them more church materials and talk about our church.. so i talked to this guy, and i ended up sending the missionaries to his house! it felt so good to finally start doing Legit missionary work! I'm pretty excited about that.. On sunday, we had some absolutely Incredible lessons! there was one lesson about identifying the spirit.. it was so helpful! basically states that we should not worry about it, the spirit will be there, you just have to make the first move and you will be guided.. it was really powerfull.. another talk was on the different resources that the church is putting out to spread the gospel to the world.. there is a website being launched in about a week.. its Mormon.org.. it will be sort of like a mormon facebook site where people can put their testimonies and beliefs on a profile for everyone to see.. we also watched a movie called the district 2.. it showed missionaries struggling in the field with teaching.. we have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and make us better.. the movie goes on to show their improvement and it was really powerful.. pretty funny too.. On sunday, we had the opportunity as a district to go on a walk to the Temple.. we took so many great pictures and it is always so awesome to feel the spirit of the temple! Its just So awesome to constantly be around such a great spirit and atmosphere like there is here at the MTC! i am loving it here! Special Shout-Out to Maddi, Happy Birthday! Love you all so much and You will all hear from me again in exactly one week! Elder Millard

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We got our first hand written letter from Elder Millard today. Its so fun to hear of his progress in the MTC. He sent a bunch of pictures of his companion and some other elders in the MTC. Kenny looks so happy in the pictures he sent. We sure do love him and miss him! His p-day will be on tuesdays while he is in the MTC so we will expect hand written letters a couple days after that! yay!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First email sent to us on his first P-day!

HELLO Best Family In The World!!!! I'm So excited to write my first email to you from the good old MTC! I only have like twenty min to write so i will do the best i can with what i have haha.. All i can say is that this place is SO amazing!! The spirit that is here is just so strong.. These last six days have been Quite an experience.. I feel that i have grown so much spiritually and intellectually as well.. I wrote ya'll a letter with more details so hopefully you guys will be getting that soon.. It was so hard to say goodbye to you all for two years! But now that i'm in the MTC, i realize that this is where i am supposed to be.. the letter will explain more about my companion.. I will give you one thing though, his name is Elder Paulsen from Layton Utah.. hahaha what a character.. I have been having the time of my life here! there have been so many great experiences.. i wish i had time to tell you all of them! I love everyone in my district! they are all so much fun.. we love to joke around all the time but we still get stuff done and learn alot together.. so i must say, the spanish that i learned forever ago is really starting to come back fast! i love it.. i truly have a testimony of the gift of tounges.. my companion and i love going around and talking to people in spanish and on occasion, bear testimony to other missionaries walking around, in spanish of course! so I have a great story for ya'all!!!! so here i am playing basketball on my first day of gym time.. basketball is a lot of fun by the way, there were a lot of great players.. i did manage to throw it down once though so that one was for all of you from the bottom of my heart! haha.. but there was one play where i cut one direction, and my toe just started killing me (my big toe on my left foot).. I thought it was nothing so i just kept playing.. i went to bed and woke up the next morning and it felt alright.. that next day i played soccer on it.. after soccer, it felt a little sore but not too extreme.. the next morning after soccer, i woke up and my toe was so swollen!.. haha so i eventually went to the doctor to get it checked out.. so i went to the doctor and they told me to walk down the street to get an x ray.. so elder Paulsen and i walked down the the clinic about one min away and got an x ray on my toe.. they sent results back to the MTC.. so i get back to the MTC and i come to find out that i Broke My Toe!!!!! AHH.. so now i have to wear a huge boot on my left leg and i can't own elders up in ball anymore! haha dang it.. its all good though! i go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see the progress.. i'll keep you posted.. and don't you worry, i will definitely use this to my advantage......(Hey can you take my tray for me, i'm crippled_) haha jk.. well there have been so many other uplifting experiences that i have had these last few days.. it is so amazing to have so many servants of the lord in one place! it really kinda rubs off on you and makes you want to be better.. You all will be so proud of me........! i have officially gained some weight haha.. according to the doctor, i weigh 189, when i left, i was like 185! so i'm well on my way to becoming a bowling ball.. haha.. Well i hope all is well back at home! sounds like you are all as good as ever! And thank you guys all SO MUCH for your letters! they really mean so much to me and completely brighten my day! so keep them coming haha.. and preferibly pictures as well so i can see with my own two eyes, the awesome things that are going on back and my humble abode haha.. well i love you all so much and i'll talk to you next week! Love Elder Millard.. (I still need to get used to that haha)

Elder Millards Farewell on 6/16/2010

This was such a happy day to see the first missionary in our family leave to serve the lord in Chile Vina del Mar.