Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snakes and Spiders

Hola!! This week has been So great! We had a lot of success with lessons with
member, lots of books of mormon handed out, and quite a few new investigators. I
really cannot believe where the time has gone! This is the last week of the
change! The time really has gone by super fast. Sounds like everything is going
great back at home! Go Cougs! Pretty intense news! with jimmer, davies, Ncaa
tournament, byu track meet.

So I have found something that makes me laugh so hard! Its called snake
contacts. "Snakes" refering to the girls that like to flirt and basically just
want to be your boyfriend (pololo). haha. Every time we are walking down the
street, and we see girls between the ages of 15 and 20, we go over and talk to
them. It makes me laugh so hard because the girls go crazy! There are not very
many tall gringos here in chile and the girls don´t really know how to take
that. They get all nervous, or they start flirting, or they are just in shock,
or lost in some green eyes that they den´t really see very often... Its so
awesome because it totally works every time! They accept everything. I ask them
if we can come to their house and share our message with them. The obvious
answer...Yes! Name and address...Lets just say this is a great way to get future
investigators. Hopefully one of these "snakes" turns out to be a baptism!

Now that the Family San Martín is back from their vacation, it is the last week
before their baptism. That means interview time! So the day before the
interview, we sat down and were talking to them about their baptism. The point
then came up that Camila and Matias wer having second thoughts about being
baptized. They feel embarrased or don´t feel sure about it, and all these doubts
are flying out. The mom started to explain that this is all she wants for her
children. That her kids can grow up in the church with all these inportant
values. She got really emotional explaining that a lot of the time, her kids
have too much priority on the things of the world and do not understand the
magnitude of the things of God. We took this situation calmly. After thinking of
what to say, we briefly explained to them that this always seems to happens
right before something important happens, usually when its concerning the things
of God. Right before your baptism, Satan is going to tempt you the hardest to
make sure that you do not go through with it. We resolved all their doubts, had
a super spiritual lesson with them to get their focus and animo back. They had
their interview yesterday and all passed! Their baptism will be this friday at
8:00 pm
(4:00 pm in the U.S.). Their grandpa will be traveling down from la
Serena to baptize all of them. It will be an incredible experience!

So this week, President Gillespie called us and said that since our numbers have
gone up so much, I want to visit La Ligua this Sunday for church to see how the
branch is doing and to meet all your investigators. So he did. Its always super
scary to have the president at church with you because everything has to be
perfect. Luckily everything turned out great! Afterwards, the people that we
were going to have lunch with could not do it, so we were stuck without lunch.
Until ¨The familia Palominos invited us to eat at their house with President
Gillespie and his wife. Now, there are not many missionaries that can say that
they have eaten lunch with the President! It was pretty intense! He was watching
our every move haha. Everything turned out great!

So I had a fun little experience this morning. I woke up and I did my morning
. I felt something on my elbow. I looked and nothing was there. About 3
minutes later, i felt something on the back of my leg. I decided to smack it
with my hand thinking it was a fly or something. As I smack my leg, i feel
something about the size of my palm! I freak out, throw the thing off me, and
jump up and try to find out what it was. I come to find out that it was a Big
Ole Spider!!! This experience does not help my arachnafobia!

Love you all! Chaíto!!

Elder Millard

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