Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference and empenadas

Hola Hola!! This week was spectacular! As usual. Our investigators are progressing, time is flying, and Conference was the best!!! I´m writing this right now in a super slow internet café so lets hope this email works haha. Sounds like everything is great back at home! I cannot believe how big my nieces are getting!! And Tiff, hang in there! By the looks of it, I will be getting news of my first nephew in my next weekly letter!! How exciting! Congrats! Oh and congrats to Cristopher as well on his engagement! That is so awesome! Good luck maddi on your election, I know you will do great! You always do! Sherb, Wow, you now have someone to take your place with student body pres next year!! Wow, where has that time gone? Anyways, Thanks so much for all the support, the letters, and pictures! It means the world to have the great support from my family and friends that I am getting. Love you all!
So our investigators are doing great!! I´m going to start off with Antonio. He is progressing slowly but surely. He is super spiritual and is willing to read and come to church... Tho only thing that is holding him back is the Word of Wisdom. That tea gets us every time. It seems like something so small and simple that really would not do very much damage to the human body, but that´s not the point. It is a commandment from a prophet of God, and therefore a commandment directly from God. We will keep working with him. We had to push his baptisimal date back to the 23rd of April and we are praying hard that he will be able to reach this date.
Now for the Fres family (Yessica, Fransisco, Cristofer, Dafne and Scarlet.) I don´t even know where to start. They are just so incredible and we have had some lifechanging experiences with them this week. Fransisco, right when we showed up at their house for the first time did not want anything to do with us. Yet, this same fransicso has been officially touched and changed by the spirit. Now he is the most excited and animated in the whole family. Fransisco has a friend that works for the PDI and is a detective. The detective was over at his house when we came over to visit them. After the visit, the detective started to urge Fransisco not to accept our visits, and started telling him all the "crazy and evil things that the mormon church practices." Fransisco calmly said to him "everything you just told me is exactly opposite of what the elders have been teaching us. I feel something special when they teach us. You should accept their visits sometime, it will change your life." When we heard this we were super happy.
They assisted conference with us and absolutely loved it. We got there a little early so we tok advantage of the situation and gave them a little tour of the church in which we showed them the baptisimal faunt. They are all exited to enter the waters of baptism on the 23rd. They were fairly suprised with how wonderful the conference was. After assisting the suday morning session with us, their testimonies burned with a brighter flame. They left with the knowlege that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. They expressed that they were almost put to tears when he spoke. It was almost as if God himself was speaking to us. They´re eyes are now set on the temple. I don´t know if it was a coincedence or if it was meant to be, but in this session that this family assisted, the subject of cancer was brought up multiple times as a from of problem or difficulty. Yet, in all of those talks, they showed ways of how these dire situations can be comforted by the gospel of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. They expressed to us that they felt identified in that conference.
We had a fun little activity with Fres family. They brought the supplies, we brought the message, and all made empenadas de pino. Oh they were so good! I´ll keep the recipie saved somewhere to be able to make them in 1 year 3 months.
Well thats all folks! Love you all and I pray for you always!
Elder Millard

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