Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 21 in LaLigua

Hola Hola! I absolutely loved being able to talk you all of you yesterday for Mothers day!! It was so great to be able to talk via Skype! You gotta love technology right? You all look so good! But I feel obliged to say one thing... Thanks alot for turning me into a crybaby haha. At the end there, I was trying to hold in my emotions, but seing all of you cry, I just could not hold it in at the end. Its all good though right? I just love you all so much! It makes me so happy to know that all of you are doing great! Doing amazing things in Otown Utah. You are all getting so old! haha. Now it´s time to focus 110% again.

This week was a great one! I´m loving my time as a trainer. Its really not as hard as I thought it would be. I´ve talked to a lot of other elders that have trained and they said that it was the hardest month and a half of their entire mission. Not the case for me. I have been blessed with a great comp that is willing to learn and work hard. I love seing the progress that the both of us are making. I think i´m learning more than my comp is. Its a completely different world being the one that has to make all of the decisions, lead just about everything... But I love it! I´ve learned to put my trust in the lord. By ourselves, we are incapable, but with the lord, anything is possible.

We have 4 children of God that have baptisimal dates. Nixa, Jorge, Ailin and Marcelo. Its starting to get a little complicated with Nixa and Jorge because the Mom does not want us to come over more than once a week. Not sure why... but we will resolve the problem following the promptings of the spirit. They have had obstacles preventing them from coming to church these last two weeks. We have taught them, focusing on their necesities, explaining the WHY it is important to come to church. Using the scriptures, we have promised blessings specific to thier needs, now it is a trial of their faith to see if they are willing to ATTEND church this week. Its a little different situation with Ailin and Marcelo. They are the kids of Eslatiza, the lady who was baptized at the age of 12 but does not remember too much about the church. She is coming back and we are teaching her kids. This week, we saw a miracle with Ailin. Lately she has been a little rebelious. She hasn´t been reading the Book of Mormon, she has been leaving the lessons to go on the internet... But, on friday, at the end of the lesson, we asked them. "Have you asked God if what we have taught you is true?". She responded, "Yes, but I have not recieved an answer yet." we then asked her, "How do you expect God to answer your prayers?" She didn´t know what to say... Then, using the scriptures, we felt inspired to share Doctrine and Covenants 9:7-8. As she finished reading the scripture, her face lit up. She was amazed that all of her doubts were resolved using the scriptures. We have seen a huge change in Ailin ever since this point. Now all she wants to do is go to church, read the scriptures and pray to God. They are progressing towards their baptism for the 28th of May.

So, more about the situation with Scarlet. Her Leukemia has gotten alot worse. She needs an bone marrow transplant as soon as possible or she will be passing on to the other side of the veil. The only one in her family that is compatible is her brother Cristopher. The thing is, her operation will not just be some casual financial speedbump. This will be a financil Mount Everest for the Familia Collao Fres. This operation in specific is Super expensive. They do not have that kind of money. What do you do in this situation? Well, i´ll tell you what they did this week to help show God that they are willing to put their confidence in him. This Sunday, after church, Jessica came up to me and asked me a question. She asked me, with sincerity in her eyes, if I could teach her again how to fill out a tithing slip. They are willing to pay tithing, even through these impossible financial circumstances that they have found themselves in. What faith. What confidence. I think I could say that I have learned more on my mission from the people that surround me, than they have learned from me. I will never forget these life changing experiences that I am having.

I´m sure you are all wondering how things are going with the Pastor Vergara. Well I will tell you. We have been planning a talent show in our church. He is going to invite all of his congregation to participate in it. This will be quite interesting considering that the music is central to their worship. They have a choir, tons of instruments, over 200 songs ready to play. They are pretty legit i must say. Our ward will have to practice a lot to not be humiliated in front of them haha. no, but it will be a great experience to form a bond between the two congregations and begin to plant the seeds so that some day, maybe they will be ready to come to the truth. Pastor Vergara is still reading the Book of Mormon. The situation is moving foreward slowly but surely.

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all your support and all your prayers.

Hasta luego! Chao

Elder Millard

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