Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week 3 letter

Hello Hello Hello everyone!!! Greetings from the MTC! This week went by so fast but it was so amazing! So many things have happened and i have learned so much! Brody and Jordan came in on Wed. The one and only Jordan says Hi. I get to see cousin jordan like 5 times a day because he is in the same zone as me and is like 3 classrooms away. its pretty awesome! So since i have been here for three weeks, we are starting to speak spanish more and more. I am so grateful for the gift of tounges and definitely believe in it. I am so suprised how my spanish is coming along. The MTC really prepares their missionaries! So i have had some awesome experiences this week. First one... Elder paulsen and i taught a lesson on friday in the trc. we taught this lady that was a native speaker. She talked SOOO Fast. i had somewhat of a hard time understanding her but i think i got the bulk of it. The lesson went really well. i was SO suprised how i was able to communicate with her! We taught the first lesson in spanish with ease! it went so good that we even committed her to baptism at the end of the lesson and she accepted haha pretty cool! during the lesson, there was a camera recording us. after we were done teaching, Hermana Murillo gave us some great advice and some great compliments! she said to me that i almost sound like a native speaker!!! that made me so happy and so excited. she encouraged me to talk in spanish all day long and avoid english as much as i can. that will be tough but it will be great! Another great experience happened this week! So in the RC (Referral Center), i had the opportunity to get ahold of this guy named Ralph. Ralph and I talked for like 45 min. i taught him basically most of the first lesson and part of the plan of salvation. he loved to talk so much! he told me so many stories and situations in his life. I ended up testifying of the book of mormon. he was so interested and said "I have been searching for God for so long! I think i might have finally found it with you mormons!". I sent the missionaries in his area over to his house. he asked me personally if i could go over to his house to teach him. i sadly said that i couldn't because i am in the MTC in orem utah, but will be going on a mission to Chile. I totally wish i could go over to teach him though. He lives i Tucson Arizona. I know the gospel will change his life so much and i am so grateful to have brought the knowlege of this gospel to his life. He was so lonely because his wife died of cancer a few years back. i testified to him that through our church and through the temple, he would be able to be sealed to his wife forever. It was a great moment! He loved that so much. I'm just so excited that i was finally able to have my first legit missionary experience!So for the 4th of july this week, the MTC had a fireside for all the Elders and Sisters. This fireside consisted of a bunch of people acting out parts of people that led to the restoration of the church like martin luther, ben franklin, christopher columbus, and so many others. it was actually kinda funny and cheezy. these were a bunch of old guys in wigs that could not really act for the life of them. The message that was shared was great though. i learned a lot. In my oppinion, they did this fireside so nobody could sneak out to hear the one and only Carie Underwood sing haha. anyways... after the fireside, they let all of us elders go out to watch the fireworks! so many of the elders acted like they had never seen a firework before in their life! haha a bunch of them started singing hymns. haha. it was kinda funny but cool at the same time. On sunday, we had an awesome fireside that talked about the power of music and the indisputable facts of why the Book of Mormon is true! The talk about the Book of Mormon was so powerful! it talked about kiasmus (or however you spell it)... basically an ancient complex form of writing that was only done back in ancient times. there is no way that joseph smith could have known that. it also talked about certain ways that you can tell that an author wrote something by the way and amount of times he uses words like... and, the..... well they tested the book of mormon and the books of Nephi and Alma and the writings of joseph smith are all so different. it was pretty awesome. the guy that gave the talk was a lawyer and he also gave other reasons like how the three witnesses never denied their tesimonies even after they left the church. pretty powerful. So i actually find out tomorow if my toe needs surgery or not so WE WILL SEE!!! whatever happens is what is supposed to happen. Well i am loving it here and cannot wait to actually get out there to Chile and start serving!!! it will be great!!! i love you all hope to hear from you soon... in letters of course! haha. p.s. thanks for the packages and the Dear elders. it is definitely working and i love them!!Love elder Millard

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