Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 6

Hola!!!!! Wow, I can't believe its already week 6! So Crazy! This last week was great at the good ole MTC. I had some great experiences and learned so much. Apparently, this is the time when missionaries start to get a little lazy and stop increasing in knowledge because they have been here for a while and they think they know everything, but i'm definitely trying to not level off, i'm going to keep working hard and strive to prepare myself as good as i can for chile! Thats why were out here right, is to work hard and give all our heart, might, mind and strength. my teacher said that the things he remembers most from his mission were 1. the people he met and how they influenced eachother, and 2. his determination and how hard he worked. so its super important to work hard and i will do my best! this week was so awesome! i'll start off with the weekly toe update.... so this week, nothing really dramatic happened!!! Hoorah! my toe actually feels great most of the time. I go in this week on thurs to the specialist to get the final consensus. I really just want to know so bad what my fate is with this lovely toe!! ha But you can sleep soundly, "Das Sandle" is doing his job. We taught so many lessons this week! seriously like two to three a day, but it was so beneficial. On this last Thurs, the dynamic trio came through yet again! we taught this lesson to a random missionary who had supposedly (in this hypothetical situation) already been a investigator but had to be dropped. So the actual lesson went super well! everything just flowed and the spirit was so strong! after we were done, she was giving us feedback... when she talked about how she felt and the spirit that was there, she started crying. it was so awesome to see the influence of the spirit. one of the reasons the spirit was so strong is because there were a lot of testimonies given. Testimony is such a powerful tool to bringing the spirit! There was another lesson that went really well this week. We taught a teacher that works in the TEC. his name is Bro. Sanders. Now i don't know what it was about this lesson, but everything was flowing so well, the spirit was super strong and after we were done, Bro. Sanders was in awe of how the lesson went. he felt the spirit so strong and we guided the lesson to exactly what his needs were! i am proud to say that this particular lesson is the Best lesson the dynamic trio has taught so far! On Thurs, we played this game where you had to speek spanish the whole day. you were only permitted 20 words in english. if anyone went over that 20 word limit, there was a punnishment the next day of which i will talk about haha. so on this particular day, i was doing great, i only had like 6 words in english and it was barely past lunch. after lunch, we went to the bookstore and elder roach asked me a question. i was in a hurry to buy pictures so we were not late for class, so i responded to his question in english without thinking! that put me at 28 words! The others that failed this game were Elder Roach, Elder Funke, Me and a few others. ha so for the punnishment. We all had to put our hands up like a raptor all day up until luch time! it was actually pretty funny! So for the RC this week!! Awesome experience! so this week, it was all in spanish again. It's always super intense when its in spanish because you never know if you will get someont ethat speeks at warp speed and can't understand them. but its all good! anyways... i had the opportunity to get ahold of two people. one who's name is Rudy, and the other who's name is Leticia. I had the experience of talking witht these people for a little about the gospel in spanish. i really felt the help of the spirit because these conversations were going so well! eventually, with rudy and with Leticia, i ended up sending missionaries to their house! So awesome! it always feels so good to help people and it feels even better when you do it in spanish!! SO awesome... I Love missionary work! Well i love you all and i pray for you! hope all is well back in the real world! Until next week! Elder Millard

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