Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 7

HEY HEY HEY!!!! This last week was so awesome! So many great experiences and lessons learned. time is starting to go by Super fast now that i have been here almost 7 weeks! I'm loving the MTC so much! this place is so awesome! I'll definitely live it up while i'm here but i can't wait for Chile! its basically a 2 week countdown now! So crazy! as of this week, our district is the oldest district in the zone! we are now the Jefe (boss) group of the zone. the elders here are so great! i have loved spending time with them and getting to know them. So this last week was the first week that we were able to go to the temple!! i love the temple so much and it was so awesome with the missionary perspective while going through. Great experience! i only get to go a couple more times, then the next two years are dry. So funny story...sort of... on last tues, i was planning a little bit with elder roach. when elder paulsen walks into the room, he came to sit next to us so we can all plan as a companionship. when he sat down, his scriptures in his scripture case were just chilling on his desk. so when he lifted up the platform, his scriptures slid off and landed.... i'm sure you can imagine... directly on my toe!!!! AHH! it hurt pretty bad! it was swollen for the night and all of next day. on Wed, i decided to get a priesthood blessing from my companions. so that is exactly what we did on Wed night. It was a great experience, i chose elder paulsen to give the blessing. The next day was my doctors appt. At the doctors apt, the doctor moved my toe around to see the condition. When he moved it down, he actually pushed reallky hard! haha I basically screamed like a girl ha, anyways, after the doctor messed with i a little bit, he told me that i could start wearing my regular shoes and even start running.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracle!! priesthood blessings are so great!!! so the next day at gym, i played some frisbee and tried running around a little bit and it actually felt pretty good! it's not perfect but it is definitely feeling SO much better! THanks for all the prayers and love!!! In the RC this week, i had the opportunity to talk to a man named David, in spanish of course. so when he answered, he talked Super fast!!! i could only understand about 87.6 percent of what he was saying. But that did not matter because i have the help of the spirit right! so one thing led to another, a conversation started up, and i ended up talking to him for about 15 min! at the end of the conversation, he accepted the missionaries and they were sent over to his house! i always love these RC experiences because they are the closest things to real missionary work. In the TEC this week, The dynamic trio taught many lessons. i would like to highlight two great experiences. So the first was with Hermana MUrillo. We were practicing door contacts. So we did the contact and it lasted about 6 min. when we were done and she was giving us advice, she said that our contact was so good that she would not have changed anything! EVerything is starting to come together! the Next experience was with bro. wellings. We taught him the first lesson. We got in there and started to get to know him a little bit. his question was: Why do terrible unjust things happen to good people? he later went on to tell us that his son was killed in an accident. we talked a little bit about the plan of salvation and totally taught to his needs. we used great scriptures, shared great experiences and testified. The spirit was so strong and we made the investigator cry. afterwards when he was giving us critiques, he said "Elders Que hermosa su leccion, que bonita!" in other words, your lesson was absolutely wonderful! he said we were so good and the spirit was so strong that he invited us to come back. he asked us to set up another appointment with him because he wanted to hear us teach again! So awesome! i Love missionary work! This week Was So great and i learned so much! I love you all and Chao until next week. Love Elder Millard

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