Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 8!

As i am writing this letter, I cannot help but be SO excited that this is my last week in the MTC and i will be leaving for chile in 6 days 8/16/10. WOW!!! So excited! so this will be the last email from the MT, the next will be from the distant land of Chile! I have absolutely loved my time here and i learned so much! Missionary work is amazing and i can't wait to get out there to Chile and start serving! These times in the MTC will stay with me for the rest of my life and i am so grateful for all tthat i have learned and for how much i have grown spiritually! This is the greatest thing i can be doing right now and i am so honored to have this opportunity to serve the lord. So this last week was absolutely incredible!!! I am now at the point where i know my way around really well here and i can just focus on learning the language, improving my teaching skills, and learning about the gospel. I learned so much this week and have had some great experiences! So this week, one of the things i learned was of the importance of setting goals and actually accomplishing them. The goals that you set reflect the true desires of your heart and the type of missionary you want to be. I learned to set goals that are achievable so you can accomplish and improve. if you set goals that are out of reach,, yyoouu plan to fail. We had some great teaching opportunities this week! we had the privilege ooff tteeaacchhiinngg the word of wisdom a couple of times, the law of chastity and the law off tithing. These are all somewhat hard to teach because they are hard for some ppeeoopple but throught theese practices, i have learned that it is not so bad if you follow the spirit and make sure they know the blessing they will recieve andd tthhee importance of keeping these commandment. i have loved the experience that we have bbeeeenn getting to teach people in the MTC. i feel so much more prepared to go out aanndd teach real investigators. Hermano Cowles (my teacher) went to cchhiille on his mission. so he talked to us like a chilean would talk to us!, i definiitteellyy have a long way to go haha. I got to go to the temple one last time for two years!!! it was such a great experience! i love the temple so much. so this sunday, i had the opportunity to play a musical number with cousin jordan!!!! it was so awesome! we played and sung "Where can i turn for peace",... one of mmyy favorite songs. so i was on the piano, and jordan and i were both singing. it went so well! i loved this musical number so much! it wwaass such a great experience. i hope i will be able to use music a lot inn mmyy mission. music is so powerful and i believe it is one of the languages of heaven. if it is the right kind of music, itt brings the spirit so strong and it touches people hheearts. after the musical number, people were telling me that thee song that we played was exactly what they needed to hear. apparently we put our branch president to tears.... yeah music is extremely powerful. and i love it. so my toe is doing absolutely amazing!!! i have been able to run around and it is not huurrting me too bad. so basically its ready for the field!!! hoorah.! i heard some great advice this week on the keys to a successful mission. they are 4 tthhiings that we need to do: Humility, Diligence, Attitude, and obedience. all of these put together will make one heaven of a missionary! ha. so these are the things that i will focus on. if i can achieve these, all the other things willl fall into place This sunday, we had the wonderful opportunityy ttoo watch the Joseph Smith Movie. Wow, this movie is so powerful and after watching, it, i really gained a stronger testimony of this church and of the prophet Joseph Smith! He really was a true prophet and this church is absolutely true!! As a missionary, i have really gained a better understanding of the eternal perspective and what is important. i have also learned of the complete joy that the gospel brings! this gospel is amazing and i cannot wait to go share and serve the people of chile!! This MTC experience has been amazing! i'm positive it will keep getting better and better. we often learn more from the hard times. i can't wait to go serve!!!!1 Love you all so much. and next week, i will be talking to you from CHILE! Love: Elder Millard

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