Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week two in Chile!

Wow! I can´t believe i have already been a Chile Viña del Mar missionary for 2 weeks! So crazy! I guess time just flies by when you are having fun, working hard, and being focused right? I absolutely love it here! Chile is So different from good ole O town utah but it is so awesome! I feel humbled right now to have this great opportunity to serve and be a missionary. I also have no choice but to be humbled with how fast chileans speak spanish and how many ´´modismos´´ they have. haha. But serisouly i love being out here and bringing the one thing that can give people true happiness and hope... the Gospel. Elder Mace and i are working super hard and are going all out! I never thought that walking could make me tired but after walking super fast all day, i sleep so well! haha.We are finding, we are teaching and we are being obedient and working hard. Success is a gift from the lord and as long as we keep working hard, and working smart, follow the spirit, be obedient, and be humble, the lord will give us success. He is a great trainer and has taught me so much already... i still totally have to rely on him for so much... especially the language haha. Elder Mace has so much great advice that i have basically soaked up because he is a great missionary and i know i can learn so much from him, as i already have. So Elder Mace and i have 3 investigators with ´´fechas´´ or baptismal dates! their names are Marcos, Yeovanni, and Danisa. So if its alright, i would love it if you all could pray for them. Our zone is rocking!!! as a whole zone, which is one of the smallest in the mission, has 36 investigators with Fechas!! Hoorah! i´m pretty sure that is a new record! So the north of Chile viña del mar is rocking with fechas and our goal is that 16 people are baptized in the month of Sept. So awesome! So here in chile, its not the regular knocking door contacts... there is a special way that you get the peoples attention in the house. most of them do not have door bells and there is usually a gate around the house with spikes on the top. so in order to get the people out to find ´´ futuros´,and do a contact, we say...¨¨ALO¨. haha. Every day for luch, we have the great privilege of eating with the members! some days great, other days not so great! but the grand majority is so good! i love the Chilean food. The members give us SO much to eat, and often times i even have a hard time finishing it. The food is so good though! Often times, we eat at houses that lets just say, are not the cleanest or nicest houses in the world. But the members are so nice to give us food! so basically here in chile, people don´t really eat breakfast or dinner so our whole day is sustained on lunch. I love the food though... the bread is amazing and they have Panerias on basically every corner that sells fresh bread. So lets just say, in general, i am in love with chilean food. Well i love you all and pray for you! I absolutely love my mission! it is Super hard but the reward is what makes it worth it. bringing salvation to the souls and giving them something that we are all so blessed to have! Farewelll until next week ha. Elder Millard

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