Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 5 letter

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Week five come and gone! this last week was so great! I had so many great lessons and i feel like my testimony has grown so much! The spirit that is here is really something else! Through the power of the spirit, you can know the truth of all things. I have definitely seen that, through the help of the spirit, i feel like my learning capacity for the language, for teaching skills, for doctrine, has increased dramatically. I now have a greater understanding of the role of the spirit with us missionaries. in preach my gospel, it says that the spirit is everything in missionary work. i am now beginning to understand that more. it not only helps you grow and learn, but it is the only way that our investigators can understand and be truly converted. So the imfamous toe update! funny story this week... actually it is not very funny because it really hurt haha. so here i am playing frisbee. i thought to myself that frisbee would not be bad for my toe... i mean, you just stand there and throw it and it does not put stress on your toe. well the worst case scenario happened. The frisbee, coming full speed, nailed my toe dead center!!! i will just say that it did not feel very good!. i could not walk with my good old friend das sandle anymore so i resurected das boot. i've been wearing that the last few days. the swelling still has not gone all the way down. my toe is huge again! hopefully it did not mess anything up with the healing process. i realy do not want my departure date to be extended! it's not that the MTC is bad, its just that i really wanbt to get out there and start seving the people of Chile! start with the Real Deal This week, we taught lesson two in spanish probably 15 times! i could probably give the lesson in my sleep ha. It really has been so beneficial. through teaching these lessons, making mistakes, doing things well, just going for it, you really do improve. sometimes it is so hard to express yourself completely in spanish! i do not have an amazing vocabulary or anything so sometimes it is hard to answer the questions the way that i want to answer them. One particular time teaching the lesson, we mostly just asked him some simple questions and talked most of the time. he gave us some great input afterwards. he said that we should apply what we are saying to the investigator instead of just telling them what we believe. so instead of saying "we know that if we repent of our sins, the lord will forgive us." you can say "We know that when you repent of your sins, the lord will forgive you:" just apply it to their lives and let the spirit guide and testify. The elders here are so awesome! All of the elders in our district get along really well. We all have so much fun but at the same time, we learn so much as well! I feel that the addition of Elder Roach into the dynamic trio companionship has made the biggest difference! He is a great elder and adds so much with his humor and his testimony. Elder Paulsen never ceases to make me laugh! He is a great elder as well. They are both out here for the right reasons and both have such great testimonies and work ehtics. The key to a great companionship is just to love your companions and have charity towards them. Another thing that i learned this week is the importance of setting goals and keeping them. In preach my gospel, it states that you can tell what kindo of person/missionary you want to be by the kind of goals you set! it shows the true desires of you heart. a prophet once said that in many cases, if a man does not set goals, he may look back on his life and not known what he has done and not accomplished much. Setting goals is so important. once you set goals, you then have a vision of where you want to be then you work towards that. i have already noticed a difference. This mission is such a wonderful opportunity for me! President holland said "A mission is the greatest gift that God could give to a 19 year old boy." This is such a wonderful opportunity for me to serve the lord. if you really think about it, this is the lords mission and i am the instrument in his hands. I know, deep right? ha. I love you all! Until next week :) Love Elder Millard

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