Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Elder Millard!

Hola!!! This week was So great!! Its kinda fun to have a Pday on my birthday! That just worked out perfectly didn´t it. Wow so my 7 month mark was yesterday! so crazy! The mission goes by so fast. I am loving and enjoying every moment of it. I look how far i´ve come these last 7 months and it just reenforces the testimony that I have of how God is in this work and helps every one of His missonaries. I love my mission and right now
So for my birthday so far, we woke up and cleaned the house and got ready. Then it was off to Zapallar. As you can see from the pictures, this place is absolutely incredible! one of the most beautiful places in Chile. They have these Huge mansions on the hillsides with the best view ever. We took some pictures then it was off to the house of Hna. Laura Ubillos. She made us pizza and I have not eaten so much pizza in my life! It has been a great Birthday so far! But don´t worry, i´m still focused on the Misson. haha
We had a great experience this week with finding a family. As we were walking down the street, waiting to go give a tour of the church to an investigator, this lady yells ´´Elders!!´´ we look back and she is running towards us. We come to find out that she is a less active that wants to come back to the church. The interesting part is that her family is not member! She has 3 kids and her husband that all are not baptized. She told us that she wants her family to be baptized!! All i can say is that the lord put us in her path today. We set up a family night with them and I cannot wait to help them on the path that God has for each and every one of us that leads to eternal life, the Gospel.
Well i just love it here so much! We are working hard and we are seeing fruits. The lord is in this work and he is preparing the way for us. We had a zone meeting and in the class we talked about finding new investigators. That is the focus of this month. I learned more about having a passion for finding the elect that Christ has prepared for us. When we stop thinking so much about ourselves and start thinking about others as children of God, that is where the success will start. One of my favorite parts of the mission is the opportunity that we have to learn so much about God, about life, about whats important. The great part is that here is one of the best places to practice and apply these great things that we learn. I have started to give myself daily committments after my scripture study. Every day, i have a focus on what i have learned and what I can do to improve. A goal, a vision of how I can change to be a better desciple of our savior Jesus Christ. Applying the scriptures and the words of the prophets to our lives is when we can really start to progress and learn more about the gospel. I love the principle of Application. I challenge every one of you at home that you can start to apply more the scriptures and words of the prophets into our lives. It is through vision and goals that we become who we want to be.
I love you all! You are in my prayers
Love Elder Millard

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