Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Monday, January 31, 2011

Staying in LaLigua

Hola Hola!!! This week has been So great!! I can磘 believe this change is alredy come and gone! It seriously went super fast! But it really was a great change! I learned so much and i磎 so grateful for all the things that we were able to do here in la Ligua. We have had some great experiences, of which I will never forget. The mission is changing my life and the lives of so many others.

燬o here磗 the big news... Staying or going... the answer is... Drum roll... 创Elder Millard, stays in La Ligua! His new companion will be, Elder Huaman!创 Kinda funny because this change, La Ligua was devided into two because its so big, so there were 4 missionaries. Now that lots of missionaries are leaving the mission, La Ligua will only have 2 missionaries, Elder Huaman and I. I alredy know Elder Huaman super well because we all lived in the same pension. I磎 super excited for this new change! Our area is So Huge!! We will definitely have to plan well. The Lord trusts us.

This week, I had quite the experience... So here we are, Elder Bustincio and I, in a branch meeting. Right at the end of the meeting, we see some investigators outside the door. Apparently they came for some english classes so I had the great opportunity to totally bust out some Elder Millard English Class Improv. It basically could have been a live TV show. Lets just say that Chileans are not known for having the best english accents in the world haha. Since i磎 a missionary, for the class I took the opportunity to teach the people how to pray in english. It actually went really well. I might think about a new career idea... NOT! ha. I might start making this a common occurance here. Who knows, maybe some seeds will be planted for future baptisms.

So now for the uplifting spiritual experience for the week. So we have been teaching this 19 year old girl named Leslie and her mom. They have been passing through a really hard time in their lives with their dad. He has problems with drugs and alchohol. They finally talked to the legal system, and this situation that has been destroying their lives and their happiness is finally resolved. They can now live in peace. Once they told this to us, we were so happy! We asked them what is their new goal in life. They responded, to follow God. Wow! This set the mood for the prime opportunity to be able to give them their wish, through the saving ordinance of baptism. We taught them the doctrine through the scriptures, through inspired questions, and through testimony, until they really understood and the spirit could confirm to them that this is true. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted. The manner in which they accepted reflected their desires to really change and be on the path that God has set for all of us.

I love you all! Hope all is well back at home! Know that you are in my prayers always.


Elder Millard

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