Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Monday, January 24, 2011

Soccer and Preach My Gospel

Hola Hola!!!! This week has been so great!! I磍l tell you what... This change has gone by So So So fast!! It seems like yesterday I was on that all night bus ride here to La Ligua! Time flies when you are having fun. I still have one week left and I hope I stay. The branch here is great, The people are great, the dulces de la Ligua are great... basically everything is great about La Ligua.

So in all the missions in the world, they are moving away from lessons 1 through 4 in preach my gospel and adapting towards the 8 principles. Teaching more with the spirit and more to the needs of the investigators. I love this new way of teaching!! It really is so effective. Obviously we still have to teach all of the material, but it is not in a solid immovable lesson outline, its flexible, leaving room for inspiration from the spirit, inspired questions, silence, personal experiences, scriptures and testimony. It is so rewarding and so refreshing when we have a great lesson, and can see the people change through the influence of the spirit.

This week, I was on interchanges with Elder Vargas, another elder from Mexico. We were knocking doors up on this big hillside. Dirt roads, extremely humble houses, super steep staircases made of old cement, dogs, Latin music (Rigat髇), and an excitement to go and find the people that the lord has prepared for us to teach. We both felt that we should go up this pathway to a house out of the way. When we knocked the door, this lady came out very nice and friendly. She said right away that she was catholic and that she would not change her religion. But how could she refuse two nicely dressed boys inviting to share about Jesus Christ. As we were invited into her house, we used the suggestions in Preach My Gospel of how to start a lesson. After the ambient was set with the spirit, through inspired questions, music, prayer... her heart began to be more susseptible. We taught to her needs and helped her see the light. We felt that we should invite her to be bapized. So we did. After the invitation, there was over a minute of complete silence!! We could hear the wind blowing outside, we could easily have heart a pin drop on the ground. In this moment is precisely when the spirit was testifying to her that this was the right path, the light and the truth. Shortly after, we did a prayer on our knees and she offered a great prayer asking God if these things are true. Again, complete silence followed. She stated 创 I feel so calm and peaceful and happy. Perhaps this is the path that God wants me to follow.创

I love my mission. The opportunity to help and serve people every day. So you know that family that we found with the less active mom and her three kids, (familia San Mart韓). Well they all have a baptisimal date for the 26th of Feb! They are all so excited and animated for their baptism. God has truly prepared them. I love this family.

This week we had quite the experience of playing F鷗bolito or Baby (soccer in a little court) against the family Vergara and a few of the members of their congregation. We played at the church with the young men, the four elders and a few of our investigators. We are proud to say that we ended up beating the Evangelicos! I am beginning to love soccer! haha. Everyone loved this event, there was a great feeling of friendship and clean fun. Our investigators gained a better relationship with the members and the Family Vergara and their congregation found out that the 创mormons创 are normal people just like them hah.

Well I love you all so much!

Until next week. Nos vemos! Chao

Elder Millard

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