Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Monday, January 10, 2011

More spiders! HELP!

Hola Hola!!! This week was so great!!! As always... I am absolutely loving la ligua! This week we were working hard as usual, taking advantage of this time that the lord has given us to serve him with all of our heart might mind and strength. They have a nice little branch here in la ligua, yesterday, we had over 90 people assisting church! Before we came, there was an average of 49. Yesterday, we also had the opportunity to have President Gillespie come to the branch for sacrament meeting. He gave a powerful talk on how the world is looking for happiness, but just don´t know where to find it. Thats where we (the members and missionaries) come in!!
This week we had the opportunity to do some service for a sister that is coming back to the church. We were moving big piles of grass to a place where we could burn it. When we were moving the grass, we saw over 20 Rincon spiders and as you can imagine, I was scared out of my mind! haha. The service great. Afterwards, she gave us food and obviously we could not resist. The food was absolutely delicious! we were full. Afterwards, we realized that we had another lunch scheduled with another sister! So we went over there, and had our second serving of lunch. I thought i was going to explode! At least i was not hungry while walking the streets of La Ligua.
Elder Bustincio and I found out that we have a whole other city that is part of our area. This city is called Zapallar. Basically, all the richest people in chile live in this area Zapallar. It is located right next to the beach and it is apparently one of the most beautiful places in Chile. Rich people with their mansions would make great fast offering donations. haha. I´m excited to work there. This last sunday, we met with one of the members over there and he helped us find a bunch of innactives and old investigators over there.
Yesterday, we had a great experience! Elder Bustincio and had all of our appointments fall, so we had some time to go look for some new investigators. We started with a prayer and prayed that God would bless us to find a family. We started knocking, found a 7th day adventist that started chewing us out, we move on, we got doors slammed in our faces, rejection, rejection... On our way back to the pension, we saw this lady wattering her plants. We went up and talked to her. She was super friendly. After talking for a little bit, she let us into her home. What do you know, her family was inside!!! We taught them and I felt the spirit so strong and I know they did too! We asked them, ´´ how would you describe your feelings right now?´´ they responded ´´Super calm and peaceful!´´ They were so prepared and they are so good! We left them a book of mormon and they are excited to read and pray about it to know if its true!
Take care back at home!! or wherever you are! Chao!
Elder Millard

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