Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 months left!

Hola Hola!! Wow, isn´t time just flying right by? I looked at the calendar the other day, and I realized that I only have 3 months left in my mission! How crazy is that! Wow, so many blessing are being recieved at home! I just love hearing nothing but great news every week! Congrats Sheri on making it into BYU music school as a Freshman!!! My talented little sister!!

This last tuesday, we had a kid named Cristian Diaz accompany us to an appointment. He is a 18 year old kid, very innocent, that is preparing for the mission. This lady that we were going to teach is very special. Her name is Ana Maria. We found her talking to everyone in the street. When we got to the house, and yelled "ALO!", all of her 12 dogs came running to the fence barking, all the dust everywhere, and we waited for her to answer the door. When she came out of her house, she had a really disturbed face on. She yelled at us saying, "my house is not a shelter where I accept any crazy person that wants to come in! I will accept you two because you are from the church, but this stranger I cannot accept!" then slammed the door super angry. We could not believe it. Cristian could not believe it either, but we animated him by saying, "Cristian, the lord wants us somewhere else right now. Lets go find out where he needs us." We then went and started talking to everyone, passed by a few old investigators, then finally, we visited a lady named Alda. We entered, shared a lesson about baptism and she accepted a baptisimal invitation and a date to get baptized. She said that she wants to prepare to get baptized on the 25th of this month. Cristan was really excited about this experience.

We got a call from the Viña zone leaders, saying that they have a suprise for me. They were in that moment in a lesson with Antonio and Erica. They passed the phone to Antonio, and he let me know that they are for sure getting married this week on the 14!! They want me to come and be a witness. They could not go through with it last time because something came up, but this time, I believe that it will happen!! I´m so excited for them! They have gone through so much, and now they are so close to getting baptized. If they get married, they will be getting baptized this weekend!!!

Every once in a while, there are a few drunk people that come and talk with us. They are so funny sometimes!! The other day, there was one that came walking over to us as we were waiting for a micro (bus). before you know it, he started to break out in song, and I could not hold in the laughter. haha He was dancing and all. Super classic

Love you all so much!!


Elder Millard

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