Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

General Conference

Hola Hola!! General Conference was just INCREDIBLE wasn´t it! I have to admit that I was thoroughly enlightened during the whole thing. All the grongo missionaries got to watch it in a special room, in order to be able to see it in english. All the speakers were inspired and I felt like they were all talking to me personally. As I walked outside after the conference, I could not believe how many people on this earth just missed out on this wonderful opportunity to be spiritually fed through hearing apostles and prophets of the Lord speak. My testimony has been streangthened and reaffirmed, that the Lord´s church is on the earth today, and we have the immense blessing to be a part of it. I realized another thing during the coference, that I will not be sitting in a Chilean church for the next one, I will be home! How crazy is that! We had Lots of investigators at church this week for the conference. We were expecting 15 to come to the conference, and we had a total of 11 come. Big success! Huanhualí has come a long way.

We are teaching a man named Daniel. His wife holds the record in all of Chile for having the most children. She has 18 children!! imagine that!! haha. Everyone in the family is a member except for Daniel. On Friday, the day before the conference, we taught him about the fruits of the spirit, and the power of prayer. We explained the way that through these principles, he can know for himself that the apostles and prophets in the Church of Jesus Christ are called of God. He was unsure that God could answer the prayer of a sinner like him, but we assured him, just as James 1:5 says, that God upbraideth not. The only problem is that Daniel is SO shut off. He always goes back to the doubt that the only truth is the Bible, and there can be nothing more. "If I have my Bible, why would I need more scripture?" We invited him to the conference, to be able to see the prophet and apostles talk, then to pray to God and ask if they are called of him. And during this whole search for truth, be ever so attent to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit which will tell him the truth. Well Daniel went to the conference, and when we went to go talk to him after, his whole complexion was changed. We asked him how the conference went, and all he did was put a huge thumbs up, put on that big ole smile, and nod his head with sincere approval, that they are men called of God. He came on Sunday as well and he recieved the exact same spiritual confirmation. We are excited to talk to him this week to help him recognize the light, and invite him to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

My new comp arrived! His name is Elder Yorgason from Provo Utah. He is a great Elder. Its actually kinda funny. He is the one that beat me in the scripture chase and memorization finals in the last conference. Now he´s my comp haha. He´s really tall as well. I´m excited for these last two changes of my mish with him. We are going to work Super hard and see the hand of the Lord in His work. I want to work in such a way that after I finish my mission, I will be able to look back and say with a clear concience that I gave it my all, that I am pleased with my efforts.

Often times, when we are working hard, the Lord does not bless us in the way that we would think he would. But I can assure you all one thing: That if you are working hard, doing what you are supposed to be doing, the Lord puts you exactly where you need to be in order to have success. We are just like a Tennis Racket. If a tennis racket is crooked or broken, the player (The Lord) cannot trust in us to put the ball exactly where it needs to be in order to win. I had an experience this week where this testimony was reaffirmed. It was 9:26, we were on our way to the pension to end the day. We had been talking to everyone the entire day, we had Lots and lots of appointments, and were tired. But in the distance, there was a man coming our way. We stopped and talked to him. He was a good guy but was not interested to the least bit. So we gave him a card and invited him to the conference. After the contact, we kept walking. Only 2 seconds passed when someone behind their fence yelled our names. We look over and they are two members visiting some relatives. They saw us talking to that guy in the street so they invited us over to talk to them. They explained to us that this family that they are visiting are less active members, but not all in the family are baptized. So in a friendly manner, we set up an appointment to pass by to visit them. Two days later, we passed by and shared a faith buliding message with the whole family. Pablo, a 15 year old stud is not a member, but was super interested. We will keep passing by to help the whole family come back to church and help Pablo get baptized. All this came by doing what we are supposed to be doing, and by doing so, the Lord puts us in the path that corresponds.

Elder Perez and I liked to play ping pong alot. Our last P-day, we played the Championship match between us two. He beat me the first two sets. 5-4, 5-4. On the third set, I was up 4-2. I thought I had this set won for sure! The next game, 4-3, then 4-4. At this moment, I started to get nervous. The last game to determine who won the set went down somthing like this. I like to use the excuse that I have lots of charity to let the outcome turn out in such way. To make things short, all i´m going to say is that he Skunked me 7-0 haha!! So I finished the last change, sufficiently humbled haha. He let me know that I had to inform my family about this.

Love you all!!


Elder Millard

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