Elder Millard with his mission president

Elder Millard with his mission president

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Earthquake

Hola Hola!!! What a great week it has been. The change is officially over! The other night, President called us to give us the changes. I will be staying here in Huanhualí, just as I had imagined. Elder Perez will be going to Valparaiso Oeste. My new companion will be Elder Yorgeson. This is his first change being zone leader so I will be training him. He will most likely be my last companion. The elder who "kills" me here in the mission. It still has not hit me that I am entering in my second to last change of the mission! How time flies right!?

Maybe some of you heard that there was yet another earthquake here in Chile! Ever since the last huge earthquake back in February 2010, there was this crazy man who predicted the next huge earthquake that was to occur. His prediction was the following date: 24 of march 2012. That was this last Saturday. So for the last few weeks, this man has been on the news and everything warning people to store water and get ready, because the earthquake was going to come. There were quite a few people that were afraid of what was supposedly going to happen. Well, it was a friday night, and we were in a deep slumber. 4:30 in the morning rolles around and suddenly, I feel my bed start to move a little bit. Right away, I sit up in my bed. It was in that moment when everything started to shake like crazy!! It started shaking harder and harder by the second. I was SO SCARED!!! haha I did not know what to do. I was sitting in my bed absolutely hopless. Luckily, the earthquake only lasted about 10 seconds, and after it was done, It was more of a COOL experience than anything. Elder Perez and I both said, "WOW, that was AWESOME!!" haha. But all is well, nothing was damaged, and all that was left was a cool memory of my second earthquake in the mission.

The elders that live with us like to eat our food. Elder Perez and I came up with the perfect solution. There is a chocolate here in Chile that works as a laxitive. haha So Elder Perez and I went and bought some on Pday. Back in the pension, we played a game with them, (them not knowing anything...) where my comp throws some chocolate and the missionary has to catch it in their mouth. We did a little competition to see who could catch the most in their mouth when the other throws. haha. My comp had regular milk chocolate and the special chocolate in hand. I´m sure you can guess who got the portion of our little surprise. haha. Our beloved pension mates woke up the next morning with zeal, and I have never seen anyone run so fast to the bathroom. hahaha

We are working with a family of 6 that are great! The only problem is that the parents are not married. This is becoming super normal for me now, considering that the majority of the couples here are just living together. How satan works right? Anyways, the point is, ever since we have been working with them, they have changed so much! When we first started to share with them, the only one that was interested was the dad, Ivan. The wife, Barbara, always told us that she was not interested because she likes the Jehova´s witenesses more. We were sharing with them the other day, when Barbara told us something that I have heard COUNTLESS times in my mission that I will never forget. The following phrase has streangthened my testimony invaluably throghout my mission. She said, "Elders, ever since you have arrived at our home, our whole lives have changed. There are not any fights in the home, our health is better, work is going great, we feel peacefull, and we are all happy!" This is the common response of anyone who accepts the gospel of Jesus Christ and applies what it teaches. The spirit is in this work and I testify of that. I have had the pleasure of seeing so many lives change throughout my time here in chile. I am going to savor every last moment of my mission.

We had 7 investigators at church this weekend. 6 of them are progressing. We are finally starting to see more success here. The Lord is so good to us.

Love you all!!


Elder Millard

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